University of Sheffield International Student Teams (USIST) competition ran on the weekend of the 23rd March 2019.

With 21 teams (each comprising of 2 women and 4 men) competing this year we had plenty of supporters cheering on their teams, including team chants, songs and event drums! All contributed to the great atmosphere.

As ever, it's great to see our regulars returning, including our old friends from Münster who returned for their 20th year, they've only missed a few since the event was established in 1998.


  1. Mattekloppes A
  2. Aachen A
  3. Münster A
  4. Mattekloppers C

Boat race results

A student competition wouldn't be right without a pub boat race! We had a number of the clubs enter a team or two into the boat race, but the ultimate 'champions of beer' were Aachen University! Not a surprise to anyone who has seen their logo...

Thank you!!!

To all the officials who volunteer their time to support the event, the staff at the sports centre, the Doctors Orders pub for hosting the post competition boat race, but most of all, thank you to the players and coaches who travelled from near and far to make USIST the great event it is. We look forward to seeing you all again in 2020! (please don't ruin this for us brexit...)

USIST 2019 competitors

On the 2nd of February (2019) Sheffield University Judo club went on what is turning into an annual trip to Warwick university to take part in their annual competition.

With categories nicely setup for beginners (novices, reds and yellows in a group with green+ separate) it's an event we like to support. 

For several of our players it was their first experience of Judo competition since starting with the club in September.

Well done all who took part:

Category Medal Notes
Aidan Lowery (Green) Orange - blue Bronze
Phil Strutt (Blue) Orange - blue
Jules Harvey (Blue) Orange - blue Gold
Alex Donaldson (Green) Orange - blue
Aldair Silva (Red) Up to yellow Gold First competition
Poppy Forshaw-Perrins (Red) Up to yellow Gold First competition
Eldar Rahimov (Red) Up to yellow Bronze First competition
Kai Ames (Red) Up to yellow Bronze First competition
Alex Smith (Red) Up to yellow First competition

Safe to say it was a tiring day, with most of the competitors sleeping on the team bus all the way home, including our 2018/19 captain, Aiden Lowery.

On March 15th, six members from Sheffield University Judo Club attended a judo masterclass with Dr Yoko Tanabe 7th dan and Joyce Heron 7th dan at the English Institute of Sport.

The masterclass covered Tai Otoshi and transitions into pins and submission from that throw. Everyone had a great time and we hope to attend similar events in the future.

On November 10, 2018 5 judoka from Sheffield University Judo Club travelled down to Samurai Judo Club with coaches Ben and Helen to partake in the annual Rod Lane competition.

Aidan Lowery came home with a Gold medal in the U73kg (green and below category) after some excellent judo, while Abdul-Qadeer Khan and Jules Harvey also managed impressive wins to claim 2 Silver medals in the U81kg (green and below) and the U81kg (brown and below category) respectively.

Checkout our YouTube channel for footage of our competitors in action!